New single + video: "Wem Die Stunde Schlägt"


Legendary Neue Deutsche Härte Pioneers OOMPH! Reveal First Single with New Singer, "Wem Die Stunde Schlägt"! 🤘🤘

* Watch the video below

* New Album, Richter und Henker, out September 8, 2023

OOMPH! on the lyrics of "Wem Die Stunde Schlägt":

"The song is about recognizing what hour has struck and becoming aware of the situation you are in. It's about not giving up. Even in hard times, you always have to get back up and try to come back stronger than before, instead of listening to those who would like to see you fail and only want to make you small. The title is borrowed from the bestseller by Ernest Hemingway, whose great writing style we adore."

The band adds on the video:

"The video is a symbolic representation of the song's lyrics - stating that we always have a choice in which directions we go. In a flashback daydream of sorts, we're told the story of a young woman at the turn of the century, who is condemned by mythical masked figures and led to the gallows because she apparently murdered her husband. The band is both the witness and the storyteller. The plot is not given away. In addition, there are energetic and powerful band performance scenes. The video was shot in the impressive baroque setting of Bückeburg Castle and its mausoleum."