New single + video: "Richter und Henker"


Hi everybody, check out our new video "Richter und Henker", the second video from our new album "Richter und Henker". The album is out September 8, 2023!!!

"Richter und Henker" deals with communication and behavior, especially on social media these days, where dissenters get defamed: 'If you don't support my opinion, you're against me. Then you are stupid and I hate and insult you and won't listen to you anymore'. This can easily lead to a loss of objective discussions, which are crucial in a democracy. Irresponsible populists sow hatred and discontent in order to make political and monetary profit from it.Germany, the so-called land of poets and thinkers, is in danger of becoming the land of judges and executioners [ger: Richter und Henker] - and we've been through that before...In the video for the song, we perform in an old, run-down mansion, which symbolizes the impending decay of society. In the calm interlude, reason - personified by our young performer - is put up against the wall by an execution squad.